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Written by Lisa Tours   

Komodo National Park is being home for other wild animals like : Timor deer,( cervus timorensis ) wild buffalo ( buballus buballis ), wild horses ( equus sp ) and long tailed macaque ( macaca – fascicularis ) Numerous of birds such as Lesser - sulphur –crested – cockatoo,, ( cacatua sulphurea parvula ), Colared king fisher ( Halcyon chloris ) Timor – helmeted friard bird ( philemon buceroides Neglectus ) and orange – footed scrub – foul ( megapodius reinwartd.)



Coral reef of the Park is one of the most beautiful coral reef of the world – a great number and variety of fishes ( more than 1000 species ) corals ( 260 species ),sponge (70 species and other invertebrates could be found in many sites of this park. Species of corals in the park such as acropora spp, favites, sp leptoria sp ( brain copral ),fungia sp ( mushroom coral ),sarcophyton sp and xenia ( soft coral ) beside that you can also watch many species of gorgonians , sea fans ,sea pens anemones with crown fish, star fish, christmast tree worms, clams ( tridacna sp ) crabs, etc. The examples of coral fish is butterfly fishes, angle fishes, lion fishes, scorpion fishes, damsel fishes, groupers, moray, wrasse, etc


Place of Interest

1.       Komodo Island

2.       Labuan Bajo

3.       Mount Kelimutu

4.       Lamalera Whale hunting